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Why Do My Fingers Keep Tripping Over Themselves?

Making too many mistakes?  Check your fingers

Play a song, play one of your favorite fills, runs, or scales.  Now play it again, but this time pay attention to your right hand fingers (or left if your left-handed).  Observe your plucking fingering with the eye of a teacher assessing a student.  What did you discover?  Are you playing the part with the same exact fingering each time?  Now slow it down and play it again thinking through each note and which finger is plucking which note.  If your experiencing some frustration during this process, then you’re doing the right thing!  Stay with it and nail it down. The reason you’re playing is proving to be inconsistent is, quite possibly, because your fingering is inconsistent.  Although there are many reasons we can’t play a part as well as we desire, the main reason for many of us is that our fingers are out of control.

Hopefully, this tutorial will get you on track toward getting those unpredictable fingers under your control:-)