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I’m a 
bassist, husband, dad, and treehouse builder.Mike Stage Shot 2013

IMG_0995After 5 years as a worship pastor and nearly 20 years of touring, recording and playing worship services I began a new journey.  In 2013, I began my journey on a career to help bassists, specifically worship bassists, to play their instrument with confidence and passion.

Performing as a musician is what I’ve longed to do ever since I was a teenager.  I’ve been a bassist for 35 years, but later learned guitar and recently began playing cello.  There is nothing that makes me come alive more than performing on stage with other passionate musicians.


With over 35 years experience and love for the bass guitar, I’ve played in venues ranging from loud rock concerts, quiet jazz dinner parties, vacation bible schools, smoke filled bars, recording sessions and worship services.

As a Nashville bassist, I toured with Grammy winning Christian Rock band Petra, and have worked with a number of artists and songwriters including Michael Tait (DC Talk, Newsboys) and songwriter Brian White (Watching You, Rodney Atkins; Rough and Ready, Trace Adkins).  While in Nashville, I had the privilege of learning from  bassist and educator Roy Vogt (Belmont University), and Reggie Wooten (brother of bassist Victor Wooten).

Heart of a Pastor

I served five years as a pastor and music director in South St. Louis.  I’ve always loved walking with people and encouraging them through life’s difficulties.

Husband and Dad


I’ve been married to my wife, Christi, for 15 years and we have three beautiful daughters ages 12, 10, and 6.


8 thoughts on “About Mike Brandenstein

  1. Hi Mike, Congratulations for the great work You have been doing. I need to ask you something: what is the softest bass strings that offer the softest feel while playing? I got a lakland bass guitar, when I got the guitar the strings was soft but now i feel the strings become very rough. It is like they’re tearing off my fingers skin, the softness feel gone away. How could you explain that? why the strings are not soft any more?

    1. I’m so sorry for the delay. I haven’t experienced that kind of problem with strings except when I first began to play (over 35 years ago!). How much do you play your bass? Every day? Your fingers might still need to be “toughened up” to form callouses. Have you tried changing your strings yet? I use DR Handmade Marcus Millers, but really have had good luck with other strings as well, like D’addario Blue Steel and Rotosound. If still a problem, you might want to try a flat wound or something with a smoother wind until your fingers get used to them. Here’s a little article on choosing bass strings that I hope will help you out. Let me know how it goes. I won’t take so long to get back to you next time! Thanks for the comment! Mike http://www.ebay.com/gds/Bass-Guitar-Strings-Buying-Guide-/10000000177635299/g.html

  2. hello mike I play the bass for church but I am not that good I would like to be a good bass player . I would like some information if it is possible on how you could teach me to play to inspire thanks

    1. Hi Neville! Thanks for contacting me! I work with students through Skype and am sure we can work together to play with more confidence and inspiration. My lessons are 32.00 USD per session and I invoice through PayPal. Please let me know if you’d like to try a free 15-minute session to see how a Skype lesson would look and sound. Please let me know if you’re not in the US and we can work out our time zone differences:-). Look forward to meeting you! Mike

  3. Hi Mike ,

    I have taken up bass guitar and really want to play in church ..i would like to know a good guitar to buy and all the equipment that goes with it…and i would love some lessons.

    Your video are very inspiring i hope i can be as good …

    1. Hi Ruth! Email me and we can set up a time to talk by phone or Skype. Thanks! Mike

  4. Greetings, I am a guitar player but my son is picking up the bass. What would be a word of advice for my son Saul (11 years old). He is watching your videos on YouTube and loving them.

    1. Hey Brian, I changed my Skype name to mikebrandenstein Feel free to send me a request if you’d still like to Skype with your son.



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