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What One Habit…?

…if developed would make the greatest positive change in your life?  Being on time?  Being organized?  Maintaining a regular practice routine?  Devotional time?  Scheduled time with your wife and/or kids?

So many times I would feel the need to change a bunch of habits at one time then, get frustrated with myself for failing at my efforts.  Then, I would simply quit.  But, then I heard someone (I wish I could remember who!) talking about finding one habit you could change and focusing on that for 30 days.  When one habit is changed for the better, there’s ripple effect that will over into other areas of your life.

For me, I decided to focus on being more organized.  What I began to realize was that there was less frustration within the family because dad had a better idea of his schedule.  Further, I was more prepared to leave the house on time, my wife and I had a monthly date night planned, which will lead to growth in our relationship.  You see how this one thing will lead to positive change in other areas?  No habit ever affects one area of your life.  If I’m constantly late, my job will be threatened, my anxiety level elevated and family tensions will be raised as well.  The same goes for other negative habits.

So, think about a habit you can begin working on changing.  Make a commitment to change, and be patient with yourself.  I’m not there yet, but the thinking about the goal keeps me motivated to continue my pursuit!  Go get’em!