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What if the Adulterous Woman Had a Relapse??

Do you believe that the adulterous woman, so lovingly forgiven by Jesus, never had another moment of sexual sin? What if she did it again??  Would Jesus have showed her the same loving, caring, and  welcoming grace that He showed her the first time (John 8)?  Would you have forgiven her again?

The Adulterous Woman in Today’s Christian Culture

What if she was a member of your church?  What if she was, in today’s terms, co-dependent or a struggling sex addict?What if she lived in today’s world and went on to blog about her struggles, or maybe go on to write some of the most powerful songs about the darkness of sin and the beautiful, endless supply of God’s grace and Christ’s love?  What if some of her songs made it to popular Christian radio stations?  How do you think we, the evangelical Christian community, would respond?  Outcry?  Rage, that someone so sinful would be affiliated with the Christian music community?   Would you think her music should be played on a different radio station, or none at all?

Now, let’s change it up a little.  What if this woman had the same struggles, same occasional sinful failures, but was able to keep it all hidden from the public?  Her songs were good, but less candid.  No one knew about her continued pain and struggle with sin but her pastor and closest friends?  Her music continued to be successful and be used in church services and performances around the world.

What do you think Jesus would do with that?