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Want to Practice More? Keep Your Bass Out of the Case

It’s time to practice.  I’ve got a few minutes to work on some licks, scales or new songs, but I’ve got to take my bass out of the case, and the room’s a mess, and my amp is put away.  There’s just not enough time to make it worth it.

Ever have that happen?  Here’s one simple suggestion, keep your bass available at all times.  Have your amp out as well.  In fact, have the bass plugged in to the amp so you can pick it up any time you feel like playing something.  Almost every day I have run down to my studio to play something I’ve been thinking about, or to try a new technique, or song idea.  I do this because I know my bass is sitting there, or hanging on the wall, ready to be played at a moment’s notice.

I know you might not have a dedicated area for your instrument, but perhaps you might try to think of a creative way to display it or have it out on a nice looking stand, ready and waiting for you to pay it some attention:-).

Play something inspirational today!