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To Pick, or Not To Pick?

I never use a pick.  In fact, I don’t even use a pick when I play guitar, or cello:-).  However, it’s simply due to personal preference.  I joke with my students that I choose to use my fingers because I know I’ll never drop, lose, or forget to carry them to a gig.

One of my YT subscribers asked a question regarding using a pick as a bassist.  He was told that using a pick diminishes the lower frequencies and thus, produces a thinner sound.  Although the pick will produce a brighter sound from your strings, I would argue that some of the richest and punchiest bass lines in pop music were played by pick-toting bassists, many of them quite famous!  Here’s the rest of my response:

Hey Joshua Thanks for the response! Regarding picks, it’s totally about preference. It’s hard to argue with such great pick bassists as Carol Kaye (legendary session bassist), Chris Squire (Yes), Tiran Porter (Doobie Brothers), Dave Hope (Kansas) and even the great Paul McCartney. All players had incredible and diverse tone qualities to their sounds. Hope that helps.

What are your thoughts on using a pick?