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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Sunday

How should a worship musician prepare for Sunday?  Here are a few questions to ask yourself that I hope will help with your personal Sunday prep.

1. How can I serve my worship leader and band members?

As worship musicians, we need to remember the importance of humility and servanthood.  Knowing all the music and parts is only part of our calling.  Is there something extra you can do for someone, bring coffee, donuts, or something else that will bring a smile to some faces.  Perhaps you can arrive extra early to help other members set up their gear or help organize the music.  Playing your bass in a humble supportive way is also a great way to serve.  In other words, don’t play to show-off the latest lick, unless it really serves the song well.

2. Do I know all songs and have played through each of them by myself?

Knowing the songs is probably the best way to serve the team and congregation!  However, sometimes we don’t take the extra time to reinforce our knowledge and familiarity of the song list.  Take time to, at least, go over each song, use metronome or recording (if your team uses the same arrangement).  Highlight repeats, codas and other confusing chart issues (I’ve spent much time searching for codas while the band played on:-).

3. What obstacles will get in the way of me being and playing my best?

If you’re always late, then think through what you need to do to avoid it and TAKE ACTION!  If you tend to think you’ll figure the song out during rehearsal, because it’s really not too difficult, then learn it NOW.  We all have bad habits and patterns that we can predict will cause us (and the worship team) trouble.  Be honest with yourself, acknowledge those habits and patterns; be proactive against them.  Think about how you’ll feel if you have some victories over them!  I’m speaking from too many experiences with my own embarrassing mistakes and bad habits.  This is something I often overlook, but am learning to think through more proactively.

Play to inspire this weekend!