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The Five-Minute Practice Session

Don’t have enough time to practice?  Here’s something to try.  Schedule (and I do mean schedule:-) a five-minute window of time to pick up your bass and play something intentionally.  For instance, go over one difficult chord change from a song you’ve been trying to play.  Learn a scale, then try the same scale in different variations, or for two-octaves.  Run 16th notes, alternating index and middle fingers on plucking hand.

Find one of those things to do and plan out five-minutes every day to do the same thing.  If you do this I believe these results are likely:

You will…

get better at that one thing you worked on all week.

be encouraged and excited about your progress

realize that you have time to practice something every day

probably spend more than five minutes on most of those days.

Five minutes of intentional practice will always be better than none!