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Slap Bass for Beginners – part 2

I start off this lesson by reviewing and clarifying some of the techniques from part 1.  Next, we’ll look at a couple basic Kick/Snare patterns, followed with adding the notes and finally a quick hammer-on lesson.

0:11 Review of last lesson

4:56 Kick/Snare Slap practice exercise

6:24 Adding Notes to the Kick/Snare pattern

7:58 How to Add Hammer-Ons

I’ve included a link to an interview with slap bass legend Larry Graham

Interview – Larry Graham

Remember that this technique will take time to perfect.  Practicing patience and diligence will get you toward your goals much quicker!  In some ways this will be similar to learning a new instrument as you work out coordinating your left and right hands; think like a drummer!

Practice tip: use a scale or any simple bass line that you already know and play it with your thumb-slap.  It’ll be a little clumsy at first, but this will help you to build the technique using different strings.  Have fun!