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Practice Tip: Use Your Favorite Song to Practice

Don’t feel like practicing today?  Then play through your favorite song.

Here’s a quick tip.  Find a song, a chord chart, you like playing and turn it into a practice routine.  Take an example like Lord I Need You and play through each chord in time with the song, but play 16th notes through the whole song. If 16ths are a little too fast, then switch to 8th notes.  The dual benefit is that you are playing through the chord changes of the song, which helps you learn the song and commit it to memory, and you’ll be improving your right finger technique!  You can do this with the recording or using a drum loop/metronome.

OK, what about using the same song to practice your chord arpeggios?  Work through every chord by playing it’s arpeggio in time with the song.  Once again, this is not how you are going to play this song in your worship service (hopefully:-), but it will provide you with a way to learn and memorize your chord tones and how they sound in the midst of a song. The added benefit with this one is that you just may discover some cool riffs and fill ideas!

Here are some fills I created in the song Lord I Need You: