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Play to Inspire – What does that mean?

Since this is the tag line of the Worship Bass Workshop, I think it might be good to share what this line means to me.

We All Influence Others

Every one of us leaves an impression on the people we meet.  However, we leave more influential and deep impressions on the people we engage regularly like our friends, families, business acquaintances, or church members.  You and I affect those around us by how we relate to them, how we respond or react, how we care, how we ignore, annoy, judge, accept, encourage, and so on.  In short, the way we express ourselves has an influence on others, either positive or negative.

It’s No Difference With Our Music

In the same way, how we play our music has an influence on others, the band members, students, congregation and yes, family and friends.  The heavy truth of this is that we have been granted much control over how we influence others.

Use Influence to Inspire

The word inspire has a number of definitions, but I believe the ones below fit our context best:

Inspire – to exert an animating, enlivening, or exalting influence on;  to spur on;  to draw forth or bring out <thoughts inspired by a visit to the cathedral>*

How can you use your instrument to “exert an animating, enlivening, or exalting influence on” your congregation?  How about your fellow band members or the listeners of your music?  Not sure?  Think about a time when you were inspired by another musician, one who played with such passion and beauty that it made you want to worship or create something.  Think about what it was in that musician’s sound, voice, melody lines, and performance that had such an impact on you.  Our gifting as musicians is not for the purpose of entertaining ourselves and seeing how great we can be.  I believe our musical gifting is for the purpose of glorifying our Creator God by playing with passion, excellence, and a desire to create and communicate something beautiful and powerful with the music that has been given to us!

There is much more to be said about inspiration, but that will have to wait till another post.

Be inspirational this week!



*From Merriam-Webster website