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Praise the Lord (Evermore) – Worship Central – Bass Cover

Here’s a new song by Worship Central.  I decided to add some fretless to the first part of the song, even though there’s no bass guitar in the mix.  The fretless inspires more melodic bass lines and feels like it works well for the early part of the song.  Otherwise, it’s pretty straight forward.  As always, pay attention to where the song is going dynamically and how you can play accordingly.  Use various ranges on the neck and rhythms to enhance the feel being expressed.


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How To Play Slap Bass for Beginners

Slap Bass – This lesson teaches the 4 basic elements of slap bass and begins to put them together with a basic practice exercise.  Additionally, this lesson teaches the importance of having a relaxed “whip” action on your right hand, along with some percussive elements necessary to create the slap groove.

The elements are:

1. Thumb Slap

2. Left-Hand Mute

3. Right-Hand slap (mute)

4. Finger Pop/Pluck

Have fun!

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How I Learn a Song – A Bass Vlog

Here’s a little look into my flood-recovering basement space, where it all happens:-).  As I was preparing for my upcoming cover video for the Planetshakers’ song Alive Again, I decided to turn on the camera and let you see a little of my process for learning a difficult song.  This song involves some cool slap licks and the first couple parts of the vlog will involve learning one of the licks from the played by Josh Hamm in his Bass Feature video of the song.  The lick can be found on his video at around the 2:18 mark.

The drama of this vlog is that I have to have this song ready to go by Thursday at the latest!  Hopefully I can get it done!

Part 2 coming tomorrow.

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How to Play Steady 16th Notes: Some Techniques, Tricks, and Tips

This tutorial builds from last week’s 8th note lesson.  Learn two finger-style techniques for playing smooth, steady16th notes.
Bassists (bands) mentioned in video:
Jaco – The Chicken
Tower of Power – What is Hip? –
Vulfpeck – 1612 –

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Lion and The Lamb – Cover Video

Here’s the latest cover video as requested from FB followers.  Although the original bass part is played with a pick, I wanted to do this song without a pick for those of you who only use your fingers.  Although the original part was really well done and probably didn’t need anything extra, I threw a few extra licks and fills in to have a little fun and provide some possibilities for those of you who are looking to expand your bass vocabulary.  Thanks!


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How to Sweeten a Simple Bassline – Part 2

This technique will pair well with Part 1 from last week.  Using octaves and slides together will add “breath” to your basslines and help you sound less mechanical.

Here’s a short tutorial that pairs well with last week’s video on octaves. Learn to use these two techniques tastefully.
Check out how I use them in this cover video.



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How to Sweeten Up a Simple Bassline

Here’s a technique I use on almost every song, varying octaves.  In this video you’ll learn how to use octaves in 3 different variations.  But, the variations I show you are not the only ones out there.  The beauty of what we do as artists is that there are almost limitless possibilities to how we can inspire emotion, create grooves, and add different “feels” to the songs we play.  Learning a technique is only the beginning.  However, to use the technique effectively requires that we listen to how other artists use the same technique. Spend time listening to some of your favorite artists to see how they use octaves and other techniques to enhance the song.

As always, I welcome you’re questions, requests, and feedback!  Mike