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Overcoming Your Obstacles

An Unproductive Week

I’ve had an unproductive week. As you can see, this is only my second post this week and I did not get my Friday video posted.  It’s after a week like this that I’m likely to continue to slide into this unproductive pattern if I’m not careful; what about you?

The way to get off of the slippery slope and back on the path of productivity is to look back and  examine what happened.  Ask yourself why the week (or day) was so unproductive.  In fact, most personal growth leaders will urge the use of a personal, daily journal to assess your successes and failures of each day.

Getting Back on Track

The first thing to do is remember that today is a brand new day and a new start to your productivity.  If you’re trying to keep on a practice schedule, then start back at it today!

Second, be aware of the enemy of resistance.  Know your Kryptonite and what to do when you encounter it.

Third, take account of each day.  It would be best to keep a daily journal, but I’m not going to tell you do something I don’t even do as of yet.  However, I believe it’s one of the best things we can do for ourselves to maintain awareness of what’s working and what’s not in our daily routines.

For me, I believe my obstacles from the past week were changes in schedule, my morning routines had to change.  That’s when I get a lot of my practice and writing done.  So, when this happens again, I need to have plan to either get up earlier, or schedule some “Plan B” time in my day.

Either way, today begins a brand new day and a new opportunity for you and me to get back on track.  Make the best of it!