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One of the Most Fun (and productive) Ways to Practice

A Lesson from The Music Lesson

I highly recommend the audio version of Victor Wooten’s book The Music Lesson.  The book is a dramatization of Victor’s story of how he went from being a bass player and grew to become a musician.  Although Christians might have a difficult time with some of the spirituality of the book, I would encourage everyone to give it a listen, or a read. Among the many gems of musical insight found in the book, one of the first things that hit me was the importance of practicing with others, jamming.  Victor’s mentor, Michael, tells Victor that he has the opportunity to jam with the greatest musicians in history, anytime he wants to.  How?  By playing along with all of the recordings he had sitting in his room.  This is even easier for us to do now then when Victor wrote the book some 10 years ago!

Let Your Heroes Motivate You

Let’s face it, practicing is difficult and requires self-discipline and a little extra motivation.  That motivation will come much easier if we get to play along with some of our favorite musical artists.  So, maybe you’re not playing your scales or practicing your fingering.   You are, however, doing something.  Playing along with recordings is crucial to developing our musical style and talent.  Don’t neglect it!  If you don’t do anything else today, jam with one of your heroes.