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Have You Ever Made Your Own Cover Vid?

No?  You should.  It’s a great way to test your playing when under a little pressure from camera and to be your own critic.  Recording yourself either audio or video will always help you to identify your weak areas and to assess your musicianship.  By the way, I’m not suggesting you need to post your cover video, unless you want to.  Chances are you might never record it if your worried about everything looking right and having a good quality camera and lighting for YouTube.  Eliminate that burden and just record yourself for you.

I prescribed this a few times for one of my Skype students and have found it to be very helpful for me as her teacher, but also believe it’s been helpful for her.  Visually, you get to see your technique, how your fingers are working on the neck and if you look like you’re struggling or at ease with the song.

So, learn a song and then, turn on the camera and record yourself a cover vid.  Who knows, you might discover that you really like being in front of the camera!