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Happiness Is Born Out of Struggle

Happiness is not about having it all.  As my daughter and I were talking (complaining:-) about the St. Louis Cardinals’ rough start, I asked her, “what if the Cardinals won every single game they ever played and never, ever lost?”  She said that it would be boring.  I agree!  What fun would it be to go to the game knowing that the opposing team would not have a chance against our home team?

Celebrate the Small Victories

I can sometimes be frustrated that I’m not a better musician, I wish I was a better Jazz player, a better songwriter, or a more imaginative bassist.  I wish I could be more disciplined in my practice routines.  However, I’ll never be where I want to be as a musician, because there’s always more to achieve.  Therefore, why don’t I focus on working toward small victories, transcribe one bass line, learn a new song, stick to a routine for 5 days, and then celebrate the small victories!

The Cardinals beat the Phillies yesterday!  Happiness is found when we achieve victories through our struggles.