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Further Thoughts on Churches Hiring Musicians

It would be hypocritical of me to say that churches shouldn’t hire outside worship musicians, because I’ve been one of those “hired” musicians for the past 3 years.  However, I think it good for a worship leader to create a team out of the musicians who are already part of the fellowship.  

Opportunities for Creativity and Mentorship

There’s no doubt it can be quite challenging to work only with the musicians you have from within your congregation. I remember times when I had only a few musicians who had no background in the music genres I wanted to play.  Frustrating?  Yes, but it also became a great opportunity to create new arrangements of songs that fit our congregation’s personality and culture, as well as a chance to mentor some young musicians.

Stop “Hiring” and Start Blessing

On the other end, I experienced the blessing of being paid as a worship musician at a number of churches in my area.  Most of this work came to at a time when I did not have a regular staff position and needed the income.  I was, and will continue to be so thankful for the generosity of those churches and the worship leaders who called me to play with their team!  Although I received a check for playing bass and a 1099 from each of those churches, I was also extremely blessed to have been a part of those worship teams.  So, instead of worship leaders being concerned with hiring an outside musician, what if your church sought to bless those musicians by giving them a generous check for helping lead your worship service?