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Do You Practice with a Destination in Mind?

…or are you a drifter?

Sand Beach Drift Wood - Acadia National Park

I heard a powerful quote yesterday from former Thomas Nelson Publishing CEO Michael Hyatt, “You never drift to a destination you would have chosen.”  Ouch!

The best thing I can do when I read a quote like that is to ask myself how it applies to what I do. So, am I a drifter  musician? Do I just pick up my bass without a plan and “noodle” through a few minutes at random times, or do I have a destination chosen?

The “destination” could be having a song you want to learn by a certain date, a technique you want to master, or a gig you want to earn.  Simply put, when we have a “destination” in mind for our practice time, both short and long-term, we will increase our chances of reaching that destination 100-fold!

Think about your bass-playing destination today.  Then, consider how you can plan to reach it.