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Consistency is King

Our habits, relationships, and routines are taking us somewhere, either to our benefit or detriment.  Even if you are someone who allows life to just “happen”, you are experiencing what author Darren Hardy calls “The Compound Effect”.  In his book by the same name, Hardy teaches that compounding value applies to everything in life, not just our 401k.  We’re directing our lives in one way or another through our habits, relationships and routines.

The Compound Effect of Practice

If I can sum up the most valuable lesson learned from this book it’s this, consistency is king.  Five minutes a day, every day is better than 2 hours here and two hours again in a week, or whenever you feel motivated.  Adding a new scale, key, arpeggio, or song to your routine every week will compound in value and increase your ability by leaps and bounds OVER TIME; It won’t happen over night!  Subscribing to the compound effect requires patience, determination and discipline.  If you struggle as I do with all three of these, then take things in smaller, more manageable “bites”.  Try 5 minutes of practice every day, focus on learning a scale or fill in all keys and octaves.  Although it might take a few days or weeks to master this, it’s effect and value will compound over time to your benefit.