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Bored with the Practice Routine?

Make up your own groove.  Find a 3 or 4 note pattern and get creative with the rhythm and phrasing to make it your own. Then practice making it groove, really groove.   Start slowly and commit it to memory.  Get your fingering down until you can play it pretty easily at that tempo.  Get out the metronome or work up a cool drum loop and start jamming with your new lick. See if you can stay in the pocket as you play it.  Record yourself and play it back.  Does it sound like you want it to sound?  Are you wanting to tap your foot or bob your head to it?

Now try working at that groove at a comfortable tempo for a straight minute, now try three minutes.  Can you stay in the pocket for five minutes?  Five minutes is a long time to play the same lick repetitively!

There ya go!  Busted out of boredom, creating a new lick, and improving your groove.  Come back and do it again for another 5 minutes tomorrow…and maybe the next day.  Have fun!