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What Mike’s students are saying:

Mike is a very accomplished musician and a delight to work with. He is incredibly patient as well as being excellent at reading his students level, motivation and needs for each lesson. We are excited to have him working with us musically.      Donna – Mother of 16 yr old student, St. Louis

Mike and I have been working together for about 2 years via Skype. He has been helping me with getting comfortable with the full range of the notes, groove, and being comfortable improvising. He wants the student to understand clearly before the ‘lesson’ is over and goes above and beyond making sure that happens. He makes himself available via email for questions between lessons.     Tina – Skype student from Johannesburg, SA


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I now offer remote lessons via Skype.  By using Skype I am able to interact with you as I do with my local students.

30-minutes $20.00

60-minutes $32.00

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4 thoughts on “Take Bass Lessons with Mike

  1. Hi Mike, Please add me to your mailing list. I am a 41 year old learning how to play my first musical instrument… the bass. I only have 3 months experience, but I love how you play “How Great is Our God”. I never thought about playing the bass, but our church needed a second bassist, so I gladly volunteered. I have someone coming out once a month to teach me and whatever else I find on youtube to practice as well. I wanted to see if you have the tabs or note scales on how to play this song from your video. Thank you for posting your videos!!! God Bless!!!

    1. Hi Juan, Will do! Thanks for sharing your story. Excited that you’re getting started on the bass, and at 41!! I entered your info on my list. I need to begin putting together some tabs. I’ve received a number of requests for them and believe it’s time I get it going! Feel free to check in anytime with questions or requests. Enjoy your bass adventure! Mike

  2. hi Mike love the videos I’m 46 and just trying to learn the bass I started when I was 16 trying to learn on my own by ear I played sax in school.But have always loved the bass I’m a truck driver so meet at the music store lessons wont work for me what would be your suggestions

    1. Hey Ricky,

      I’m so sorry you email didn’t come through to me. I just caught it looking through my website. Do you have a laptop or ipad-like device that can use Skype or Facetime? About half of my lessons are done over Skype. It works great and can work with a flexible schedule.

      Please shoot me a direct email if you’re interested or have any other bass/worship related questions. mikebrandenstein@gmail.com
      Hope that helps. Again, my apologies for the late response.


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